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The Top 10 Questions for Job Interview

1. Tell me about yourself?

Many interviewees keep silent when they are asked with such questions since they do not know where to start. The good suggestion is to briefly tell the interviewers about yourself with chronicle order, including career path and education background. You may also add your career objectives, suitable qualifications.

Why do you want to work with us or why does our company interest you?

You need to deliver clear answer and show your eagerness how you are interested in their organization. You may need some corporate background, understand the responsibilities of position you apply for or even show them how your skills can help improve their organizations. Do not pay too much attention on salary.

Why do you resign from the previous company?

The interviewer may want to know if you have problems with your previous workplace. If you do not have such problems, you may simply answer them with the reasons such as the company was closed or had to lay off the employees or the unsecured position in case you were temporary staff. If you did have problems with your previous workplace, you should tell the truth and explain the problems with your previous workplace of employer in a good manner. You should also express that you are rational enough and have improved from the mistakes.

What are your outstanding skills/abilities?

In case you have done enough research about the organization you apply for, you may match your skills or abilities that will contribute the benefits for this organization.

What is/are your weak point(s)?

You may think positively how to turn such weak point(s) to be your strength(s). For instance, you are always worried about working hard but you are willing to work extra hours to make sure that the assignment will be accomplished.

What is your preferred working style? Work in team or work alone?

You should show flexibility by telling the truth and explain that though you prefer one choice to the other, you still can work under both situations.

What is/are you career objective(s) or how do you plan your future?

The interviewers may want to know whether you projected or targeted objectives are suitable for the organization. You should tell them that you are arrogant enough to plan for your future and you are willing to learn new things to improve your performances.

What is/are your hobby (ies) or do you play sports?

The interviewers may want to know whether you have additional qualifications besides your working abilities and after work lifestyles. For example, you are sociable and healthy enough to plan as a team member. Thus, you can enhance the productivity for the organization.

What is your expected salary?

You may avoid answering this question by asking how can the organization pay for the best employee and try to persuade them to give you their offer. This is such an important question. You may need to learn the common practice for salary payment in that organization to help you in negotiation.

Is there anything we should ask you?

You should use their opportunity to conclude about your outstanding qualifications and how such qualifications can benefit the organization. You can get extra credit for yourself by expressing that you understand your new position.


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