OS: (ระบบปฏิบัติการ) Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP
Downloads: (จำนวนครั้ง) 2,166
Company: (บริษัท, ชื่อ) Luis Gómez Lázaro
Date added: (วันที่ลง) 02/02/2005
File size: (ขนาดไฟล์) 624.57 KB
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License: (ชนิดไฟล์) Shareware
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ioncalc  An easy to use desktop calculator for engineers and scientific functions such as Trigonometrical  Hyperbolical Matrix: +,-,*,Determinant, inverse and much more..


Program Descriptions :


  • Do calculations faster and efficiently
  • Operations with: 
    Real, Complex, Matrix and Vector
  • Plot functions or expressions
  • Define new functions
  • Easy and powerful built-in programming language
  • Integrated editor and debugger 
  • Perfect as a desktop calculator
  • Functions:
  •      Trigonometrical 
  •      Hyperbolical
  •      Exponential and Logarithmical.
  •      Bessel
  •      Matrix: +,-,*,Determinant, inverse
  •      Vectors:+,-,*,cross product
  •      Numerical solution of equations
  •      Numerical Integration
  •      Roots of a polynomial
  •      Statistical: mean,sum,stddev,correlation
  •      Probability and Percentage points for:
  •        Normal,chi-square Student's t,Snedecor's F
  •        Binomial,Poisson,Hypergeometric
  •   .... your own functions
  • Unit conversion
  • ... and much more.
  • ... and for FREE ( New!! )


IonCalc is shareware. You can try it out for a limited period of time after which you must purchase a license. The 30-day trial version offers unrestricted functionality. A single license for IonCalc costs only 12.99 US$.

After the trial period you can also use IonCalc for free with restricted features. You can register any time if you want to use all the power of IonCalc. We will thank you very much if you decide to do this.

Press the button to register IonCalc

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Design and programming: Luis Gómez Lázaro

email: [email protected]

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