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All Electrical Calculators It contains the following programs : Voltage Drop Calculato , Lighting Calculator , Underground Ampacity Calculator , Electrical Calculator , Ampacity Calculator (CEC / NEC)

It contains the following programs :

1. Voltage Drop Calculator ( 1,575 KB)
2. Lighting Calculator ( 1,555 KB)
3. Underground Ampacity Calculator ( 1,041 KB) (NEW)
4. Electrical Calculator ( 1,523 KB) (Freeware)
5. Ampacity Calculator (Canada - CEC) ( 627 KB) (Freeware)
6. Ampacity Calculator (USA - NEC) ( 627 KB) (Freeware)

Electrical Calculator

Selecting overload protection and wires for transformers involves number of rules that change with transformer size, type, and placement of the overload protection. This calculator helps determine the current values on both sides of the transformer, and estimates available short circuit current. All that for FREE.

Lighting Calculator

Majority of lighting calculations do not require complex time-consuming software. Most of the time you need is a fast, accurate and easy to use tool that will let you do your job quickly. Lighting Calculator for Windows is the right tool for the job; it is easy-to-use, flexible, and productive.

Underground Cable Ampacity calculator

You may find out the allowable underground ampacity for underground cable configurations by carefully studying the Canadian Electrical Code diagrams, tables, and rules. If you do it using this calculator you will be done in less than a minute. It will save you hours in a year, and most importantly it will reduce the chance of making an error.

Voltage drop calculator

This application should be called "Feeder Sizer" as it provides all information required to size feeder. Colour coding of maximum allowable ampacity values (according to CEC or NEC) helps you chose the correct wire size. Voltage drop values are updated dynamically, conduit size is also shown, and if you size the feeder for a motor - typical motors Full Load Ampers are built in. With the rising cost of electricity you may find useful "Feeder Efficiency Tip" that tells at a glance when it may be beneficial to increase wire size above the minimum required by code.

Save the download time? Have trouble with the automatic setup? All six calculators can be downloaded here. (Just unzip all files from the "" to any directory of your choice and double-click the exe file.)

* This download does not include some of the common dll files that are required to run the programs but usually are already installed on most computers. Works 99.9 % of the time.

System requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 95or later (32 bit OS)

(If you are using Windows 2000 or XP you may have to upgrade your operating system with the latest service packs to fix known problems with the automatic


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