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OS: (ระบบปฏิบัติการ) Pocket PC
Downloads: (จำนวนครั้ง) 2,109
Company: (บริษัท, ชื่อ) Twiddlebit Software.
Date added: (วันที่ลง) 09/11/2004
File size: (ขนาดไฟล์) 2.04 MB
Quality: (คุณภาพ)
License: (ชนิดไฟล์) Shareware
User Rating: (คะแนนจากผู้ใช้)
Mirror: (ลิงค์สำรอง) http://www.twiddlebit.com/downloads/pocketplan.zip

โปรแกรม Pocket Plan  Pocket Plan provides the same project planning capabilities as the desktop version of Plan, but running on a Pocket or Handheld PC! Pocket Plan can be used as a standalone project planning tool or can be used in conjunction with PC based tools such as Plan for Windows or Microsoft Project.


General Description

Take your project plans with you wherever you go, without having to carry around a heavy laptop! up.exe file. Run this on your PC to install the necessary software on to your PC and Pocket/Handheld PC.

The same zip file and setup.exe supports installation on a Pocket PC (2000/2002/2003) or Handheld PC 2000.

Note: If using Plan for Windows on the desktop and Pocket Plan on a Pocket/Handheld PC then make sure you are using the latest versions of both products in order to ensure they work together.

The user guide is supplied as a PDF file which is installed with the software on your desktop PC. See the Start menu on your Desktop PC after installation, i.e.:

Start Menu > Programs > Twiddlebit Pocket Plan > User Guide

Online help is also installed with the software on to your Pocket/Handheld PC. After installation start Pocket Plan and then access help from the "Tools > Help" menu option.

Also installed with the software will be a sample plan file:

My DocumentsSample

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